"After 2 years chronic pain in both knees, I now have lots of energy and very little knee pain. It is quite remarkable, ginger has transformed my life. I count my blessings every day for the ginger patches!"

Helen Mullins

"After 2 years chronic and regular hip pain, I can confidently say Zingi use 3 times a week helped me manage the pain and joint flexibility. There is a definite before and after positive difference, when I use a ginger patch. I feel that warm glow in the back for some hours after using them."

John Cardwell

"After applying ZINGI to the mid-back for 7 days then 3 times a week for a number of weeks, I can say the hip and knee pain has definitely eased. Quite remarkable, like a new lease of life."

Marion Stronach

"I used 2 patches on a recent long haul flight, with none of the usual panic / hyperventilation. It meant I was relaxed on arrival and not afraid of the return flight. ‘I will happily recommend to anyone who panics just even thinking about hopping on an airplane. I was like that, it started from the moment I bought the flight ticket…!  I was amazed how relaxed I was and so pleased to know that “uncontrollable relaxed feeling” rather than that “uncontrollable panic feeling”! Truly, amazing!"

Junko Chun

"Each time I apply a ZINGI to my mid-back, when going to bed I sleep well and wake feeling calm and relaxed."

Julie Le Marquand

"The Zingi patches create a nice warm feeling inside and help relax the mind and body, so they come in balance with each other."

Klaartje van Schie

"A couple of years ago I began using Zingi patches and find them so convenient. They help balance my emotions. I would say that Zingi patches changed my life."

Christy Robinson